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"It is refreshing to see real instruments being used, and great teachers. Highly recommended for any child who loves music, singing and dancing." Lucy, Toby and Archie’s mum, Sally

"Engaging and entertaining for all children of all ages" Luca and Sofia’s mum, Ale

"Exactly what I wanted when looking for a music class for my children. A fantastic, fun way to introduce kids to music and instruments, taught by musical professionals." Evan and Logan’s mum, Nicola

"Ali's cello playing, leaves him spellbound until he applauds at the end. I would recommend these classes to anyone with pre-school age children." William’s Mum, Jess

"Rebecca is a great teacher, really enthusiastic and a fantastic musician. It has been great to see Benjamin progress each week." Benjamin’s mum, Laura

"Lorna's classes are vibrant and fun and she is a fine musician! Going to Boppin Bunnies is the highlight of my daughter's week." Ellie’s Dad, Peter

"My son Ronnie's development within six months is amazing - he dances, sings and has made some lovely friends. Claire is a truly wonderful teacher. Ronnie loves to sit and watch Claire play her clarinet." Ronnie’s mum, Sally

"My son is captivated by the music and songs, and loves joining in 'playing' the instruments. A highlight of our week." Rex’s mum, Helen

"The recorded music used in the session beats every children's CD I've heard hands-down." Zac’s mum, Natalie

"My two year old LOVES these extremely engaging classes. The classes have an excellent mix of excitement and calm moments and music styles. Lovely use of proper instruments and other props." Ruby’s Dad, Phil (musician in Jool’s Holland’s Big Band)

"Children really like Ali and often talk about her during the week and my grandson spends the week ‘performing’ the songs he learns at Boppin Bunnies." Silas’s Grandmother, Val

"We love Boppin' Bunnies! It's definitely the highlight of our week." Harriet’s mum, Sarah

"Lorna’s violin playing is fantastic and my little charge absolutely loves the cuddle he has with Lorna each week." Patrick’s childminder, Kathryn

"It is such a joy to hear your baby shriek with delight at each new song. It is the little touches such as greeting each child by name which makes these classes so special." Corin’s mum, Rachel

"Ali is a fabulous teacher... open, smiley, gentle, sensitive... and her cello playing is beautiful. The classes are very well structured, energetic and enormous fun." Eve’s mum, Alice

"What a brilliant class! My daughter loves getting to play with real (good quality) instruments. I really recommend Boppin' Bunnies." Kate and Anna’s dad, Charlie

"Claire has so much energy and engages with all of the children, my little boy is fascinated by her!" Jack’s mum, Lisa

"I'll never forget seeing the babies faces the first time Emily played her bagpipes to them!" Jack’s mum, Suzanne

"Lorna has such a lovely way about her with all the children, gentle, patient and the children love her. When Lorna plays the violin, all the babies are enraptured." Zac’s mum, Becky

"We like the fact that the Boppin’ Bunnies classes are quite small and feel like a little community." Livia’s mum, Catrin