Booking details

Book per Term:

£7 per class for full term booking (siblings half price if attending the same class)

Book per Half Term:

£7.75 per class for bookings of half a term or less (siblings half price if attending the same class)

Drop-In Option:

The classes highlighted BLUE on the timetable will be open to Drop-In customers.

We will open some classes to Drop-In customers in Week 2 of term, once we have taken bookings and can see where we have spaces.

Please note, not all classes will be open to Drop-In customers.

If a class becomes full during the term it will come off the Drop-In list.

Please check every week before you come!

Drop-In cost £9 per class on the door, £13.50 for two siblings. Cash only please.

Terms and Conditions

In our Boppin’ Bunnies classes we use real instruments rather than the plastic toy ones you would find in a toy shop.

However, because our instruments are real and come direct from music shops & stockists we ask the adults to supervise and participate with their little ones to ensure we are all using them safely. In our sessions parents are responsible for their children at all times and by signing up for a term of Boppin’ Bunnies you are confirming that you are happy to participate and supervise the little ones with the instruments throughout the session.

  • New customers are welcome to come for a free taster session at any point in the term and sign up and pay for the remaining number of weeks left (£7 for anything over half term/£7.75 for half term or less)
  • If you are absent during the term we offer two ‘make-up’ sessions per customer per term (1 per half term for half term bookings). We don’t want you to miss out on sessions you have paid for so you can choose another class from our online timetable (that does not say ‘full’) to make up for the one missed. ‘Make-up’ classes must be used before the end of term. We do not carry over classes to the next term.
  • If you have a younger baby in tow, please feel free to bring them along with you. Baby siblings attend free of charge until they are 6 months old if attending with their brother/sister. If your little one turns 6 months in the middle of a term we only charge 50% rate for siblings, so please let your teacher know and they will calculate the amount to add on for you.
  • We regret that mid-term refunds are not possible. We will always try and offer our customers a space in another class or you are very welcome to give your left over classes to a friend to come in your place.
  • If any class has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, customers will be allocated an extra ‘make-up’ session of their choice for that term.
  • From time to time we will take photos or video footage of classes in action for training, general promotion purposes and media. If you do not wish to be included in any photography with your child please inform us in writing.
  • Because of the physical nature of our classes and the age range of the children, Boppin’ Bunnies teachers may, from time to time, use physical contact with the children within the session. By attending our classes you give you consent for this.
  • When you attend a free taster session we will add you to our mailing list for the Boppin’ Bunnies Monthly Newsletter to receive information about upcoming special events and classes. You can unsubscribe from this at any time. We will always store your data securely and never share it with anyone outside Boppin’ Bunnies Ltd without your permission (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998)
  • Boppin’ Bunnies classes are an all inclusive, interactive experience so parents, carers, children & younger siblings can enjoy music making together and it becomes a weekly shared, family activity. We give the adults instruments as well as the children and encourage grown ups to play, dance, and interact with their little ones throughout the session. There’s no sitting back and watching so please come ready to sing your heart out, tickle your little ones and make them laugh, jump up on your feet and swing them round, lie down on the mats with them and participate fully in our high energy sessions!
  • Research has shown that at this young age children struggle to focus on an activity if the level of background noise is too high, so we do ask that chatting during the class be kept to a minimum. We don’t want to be party poopers and stop you making friends, but we ask that talking be kept to the natural gaps in the class (for example, when instruments are being given out or tidied up) then when the teacher calls for attention again, the chatting dies down and people join in and sing. This not only makes a nicer class for everyone but also saves our teachers losing their voices by shouting over constant background noise. At Boppin’ Bunnies we have strong belief in the human voice and community singing as a tool to bring people together, and your child likes nothing better than hearing you sing!  We make no judgments about anyone’s voice, we promise! Enthusiasm is much more important to us than vocal ability!
  • We try to start all our classes promptly and ask that everyone try and arrive 5 minutes before their class is due to start. We know firsthand how hard it is to leave the house with toddlers and babies (it’s a total nightmare some days!), but if everyone arrives on time it means all our classes run smoothly and to schedule. It can also be disruptive and upsetting to new children to have latecomers arriving once class has started, as it takes them a while to settle in and get to know us. It is possible that Drop-In customers may not be admitted if arriving late.
  • We use real instruments for all our Boppin’ Bunnies classes as we don’t like cheap plastic toy instruments that don’t have the richness in sound that our lovely real instruments have. We have a strict Instrument Safety Policy that you can read overleaf and by attending Boppn’ Bunnies you are giving your consent to help supervise your little one in the safe use of our instruments, including keeping them out of younger ones mouths.
  • On arrival please let the teacher know you are there, so they note you in the register and remove shoes before coming to sit on our Boppin’ Bunnies mats. Please do not bring food onto the mats (if you need to give a quick snack please let your child eat it at the side of the hall then come back to the matted area). Please refrain from talking on mobile phones during classes.

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