About Our Classes

All our National Award-wining Boppin’ Bunnies Classes are led by professional musicians with either a Music Degree or Diploma or a background in performance and music teaching. We play live to the children and adults each week on our speciality instruments and our teachers play a huge range of instruments between them including: Violin, Guitar, Recorders, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Ukulele, Cajon, Bongos, Cello, Bassoon as well as our lovely voices!

Boppin’ Bunnies 35-minute classes are an all inclusive, interactive experience so parents, carers, children and younger siblings can all enjoy music making together and it can become a weekly shared activity.

We give the adults instruments alongside the children and encourage grown ups to play, dance, and interact with their little ones throughout the session. We get older children assisting their younger brother and sisters throughout the class so everyone feels involved. There’s no sitting back and watching, so please come ready to sing your heart out, tickle your little ones and make them laugh, jump up on your feet and swing them round, lie down on the mats with them and participate fully in our high energy sessions!

Our baby classes are a sensory musical experience and we stimulate the babies through sound, touch, movement and colour as they sit, crawl, toddle and explore the space.

Throughout our baby sessions we focus on the importance of touch and interaction between you and your baby as this connection is a vital part of babies emotional, physical and intellectual development.

There is an emphasis on tickling, giggling, lying down, rubbing noses, singing, making your baby laugh, bonding and lifting the little ones up in the air in time to the music! We look for their eyes widening, their lovely chubby legs kicking with excitement, their eyes following the sounds of the instruments up and down, left and right, and their reactions to our lovely animal puppets. We surround them with colourful chiffon flags, play boo and help them to feel the texture of the fabrics. We let them explore in the middle of our fantastic play parachute and sing to them whilst whooshing it up over their heads!

An experience not to be missed and a fantastic start to your Boppin’ Bunnies journey with us!

Baby Classes

In our young toddler classes you will find a wide range of activities to stimulate this very active age group! We use counting and movement songs, interactive puppets, our parachute & flags as well as playing different instruments with each song, to try and hold the growing attention span of your little ones! This class is a lot more physical as young toddlers benefit greatly from a lot of ‘hands - on’ musical play with their adults!

We start to introduce concepts that are developed fully in the pre-school classes, such as listening and responding, counting, colours, getting out & packing away the instruments, and how to bring calm moments to the class using teddies and lullabies as props.

We will encourage you to dance with your little ones, hold their hands, swing them round, lift them up, bounce them around, make them laugh and harness all their raw energy into having fun together!

Baby Classes

In our pre-school classes we fully develop the ideas outlined in the first two stages of your little ones Boppin’ Bunnies journey. We take advantage of the fact that many of them will now be familiar with us and our musical material, to see how far we can develop their skills with the instruments; beating in time, tapping different rhythms, trying new dance moves, stretching their capabilities and really developing their listening skills. We cover the following aspects in all our classes, but focus on these areas specifically with the older children.

  • Counting Songs - developing numeracy skills
  • Movement, Dancing & Action Songs - develops physical coordination, spatial awareness, balance skills

  • Playing Instruments - developing co-ordination and rhythm

  • Listening & Observation to Live Musical Performances - developing listening and observation skills ready for nursery
  • Circle & Parachute Songs - working as a team, developing gross motor and locomotor skills.
  • Lullabies & Teddies – using props to encourage calm moments and quieter musical experiences.
  • Puppet Songs - interacting as part of a group and responding to stimuli
  • Unaccompanied Singing & Singing accompanied with Live Instruments – experiencing new instruments and finding our voices.

We have a wide range of real instruments and equipment for the children and adults to use, including egg shaker maracas, marching drums, claves, chime bars, tambourines, combi bells, desk bells, wooden guiros, rubber frogs and duck finger puppets! We use songs that actively highlight one instrument after another and the children love the variety and experience of trying each instrument then packing it away! The older children grow in confidence as their ability to play our instruments grows and develops.

Baby Classes

Our Mixed Aged classes are to offer more booking flexibility to our customers with little ones of different ages and our teachers are skilled at balancing the needs of both older and younger ones within the same class.

Younger siblings watch their older brother and sisters with delight and it becomes an activity that the whole family can enjoy together as older siblings help their younger ones get the instruments out and teach then what to do! A really special weekly family event.

Baby Classes