Our Music and Recordings

Boppin' Bunnies has released three CD's to date: 'Bop to the Beat' 'Wriggle to the Rhythm' & 'Toddle and Twist'. Our recordings are designed to be more pleasurable for parents to listen to because we know they get played time and time again, especially on long car journeys!

Written and arranged by the talented Andy Mellon (from Bellowhead), our original recordings set us apart, with their creative themes, unique sound and their exceptionally high quality. Alongside our professional musicians the tracks also feature children from a number of local schools including; St. William of York School (Forest Hill), Pilgrims Way Community Schoo (Peckham), Blackheath High School for girls (Blackheath) and Sherington School (Charlton).

The making of Bop to the Beat

Bop To The Beat

The creation of our ‘Bop to the Beat’ CD was a gradual process of ideas, rehearsals and recording sessions (broken up with children’s picnics and treats!)

We have a selection of photos from our final day of recording in July 2007, when the children laid down their vocals. To see them click 'View the making of'. It reflects the hard work they put in, the enthusiasm and patience they showed and the fun we all had!

The making of Wriggle to the Rythm

Wriggle To The Rythm

‘Wriggle to the Rhythm’ was our long anticipated second Nursery Rhyme Album. Recorded throughout 2009, we really challenged our children singers with harder, more complex vocals and the fantastic feedback we’ve received, reflects all the hard work put in by the children, composer Andy Mellon and director Anna Mellon.

The making of Toddle and Twist

Toddle And Twist

When recording ‘Toddle and Twist’, we trained up a new group of younger children to sing, as our original soloists had all grown up and gone on to bigger and better things! This album features some wonderful children’s songs that are not as widely known, alongside the usual favourites, and we enjoyed recreating them for a whole new audience!